• Mikaela Kellogg

A little bit about me!

My name is Mikaela Kellogg, as you may already know from visiting my website.

I was born in Oceanside, California and raised in a small town in Northeast Iowa.

I have always dreamed of being an artist. If you asked me what I wanted

to be, an artist was always my first response!

I grew up drawing and painting pictures, building doll houses out of construction paper, writing make believe imaginative stories and even real ones!

Playing "house" with my baby dolls & kitchen set was also an everyday hobby of mine! Since I was little, I always imagined growing up and having a family of my own with lots of children.

On the holidays I would lug my shoe box full of nail polish to my relatives' homes and paint nails to earn a few dollars.

As I got older, my art became a little different; It looked like drawing real life people with a spin of cartoon. I started drawing family portraits; not the pencil sketch, chest and above portraits but little full body family portraits on an 8x10 mixed media paper.

Starting was exciting, I finally felt like I was going to make it in the "art world".

In 2014 I launched my art business MK.designsforyou on Instagram, where it really took off! Making $2000+ the first year in Christmas orders alone.

As time went on, little details of how I did this changed and I started maturing in the drawing world, then added in watercolor vs colored pencil.

Family portraits quickly became my passion, where I was able to come alive, blossom and grow...Something to give all my energy into; It made me happy!

From here, I wondered, maybe I need to go to art school to up my artist game? Do I go to college for business? Do I go to college to be a interior designer? There are so many paths one can take in life, it can be very overwhelming!

Ultimately, I knew I wanted to have a creative outlet, to make a difference, help people feel important, seen, valued and loved. Through this I decided to enroll in Cosmetology school here in Omaha, NE. What a journey and season of growth!

Through this, I have gotten to learn SO much about myself and grow as an individual.

I LOVE people and enjoy helping them feel confident and beautiful in their own skin!

This cosmetology industry has truly been amazing and life giving; I am so blessed to have my clients and the wonderfully talented team that I work alongside everyday!

Life sure is a journey and has its own perfect way of working out & I am so glad you're walking along this journey with me!

God has been so good to me; all I am is because of his grace. Thanking him for all the blessings and allowing me to be able to follow my dream!

Thank you to everyone who has been so wonderful in supporting me on my journey thus far!

God bless.


Mikaela Kellogg


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